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A better approach to medical insurance

We believe that customers prefer to be insured by a fully-licenced company with an honest, open and fair approach to medical insurance. A company that takes a sensible, grown-up, and flexible approach to your pre-existing conditions and claims. That provides a fast and easy online sign-up process. We are very competitive on costs because we have a small management structure, no expensive flashy buildings or need to keep a high stock market price. And we don’t abandon our customers when they reach 70 – we provide full-life insurance. This is why so many customers stay with us, and recommend us to their friends.

The WrLife team

We are fully-licenced insurance agents and brokers, and we believe in creating a fair and equitable basis for our
team. That’s why we have developed our Team Charter that is focused on 

  • Team members are shareholders in the company so they participate in it’s benefits.
  • Reserves and savings are held in ethical assets with ethical partner companies.
  • We welcome handicapped team members to our team.
  • We are actively involved in the community and the environment, because we are all part of it.

General Insurer
licence number 51230

Insurance Reinsurance Broker
licence number 16000457